Founder & Qualified Health Care Professional
Brief info

Over 30 years of clinical experience working in health care within the clinical and leadership arena working within the National Health Service and Independent health care sectors.

I am very passionate about health and well-being issues from a professional and lived experience of poor health arising from lack of wellness over the years, witnessing others with debilitating diseases and medical conditions that could have potentially been avoided.

Over the years, I have worked as a professional transitional coach and mentor offering health and well-being advice and support for men, women and busy professionals by increasing health awareness and self care.

I am a dedicated health and well-being expert offering comprehensive healthcare assessments to help you live well and stay well and currently offers these services Offender Healthcare organisations and the community.

As Founder of Your Life in Your Hands, I have also developed a successful mentoring programme “Seven Steps to Transitioning Your Life” which helps individuals discover what lies deep within, revive your hidden passion, purpose and freedom to live a deserving flexible lifestyle.

Nominated for several awards including Finalist in 2017/2018 Suffolk BME Awards, I have been recognised in my community as an experienced health practitioner, motivational speaker and spiritual leader.

I am also notably present at inspirational events – presenting health education sessions at local events on healthy eating, health awareness, diabetes, managing cholesterol and blood pressure.

I regularly feature as guest on the local community radio on health matters.

Projects I’ve Worked With

Health and Well-being Events
Community Action Group Fun day
With Local Community representative
African and Caribbean Community
Health and Well-being day

Achievements and Awards

2017 Finalist – Suffolk BME Women Entrepreneur Award
2018 Finalist – Suffolk BME Special Judges Award
Partnership drives economic growth across Norfolk

Roles & Appointments

Health and Well-being Specialist
District Nurse Specialist Practitioner
Regular ICR radio guest on health matters
Member of MpowerWe Ladies Lounge group
Social Entrepreneur fellow of Social Enterprise
Head of Care in Neurological Care
Modern Matron – City and Hackney Teaching

Key Project Portfolios

Health Consultant
Registered Nurse and Health care Practitioner (Care UK)
Offender Healthcare Practitioner (Virgin Care)
Co-Founder, Community Engagement & Marketing (BeMeLikeWe)